About Curiosity

Hi, I'm Courtney, I'm the genius behind Curiosity. I'm told I need to have an "About Me" page that entices people and makes them connect with me on a personal level. I should be the face of my brand. I'm anti-social though and that doesn't really sound like anything I'd ever do. So, for now, I'll throw up this selfie with a kitten butt and leave it at that.

Curiosity has been a few things over the past 7 years. Appointment-only showroom, retail shop, commercial & retail merchandising, restaurant sourcing, neighborhood cat hangout, etc. Right now I'm concentrating on online sales and sourcing items for commercial projects. Maybe, hopefully, a physical showroom is in the future. If you'd like to be notified of news about the future showroom, and also sales & new items, please sign up for the email newsletter below. 

Curiosity has been featured in publications like The Wall Street Journal, Lonny Magazine, Architectural Digest, Country Living Magazine, Garden & Gun Magazine, Departures Magazine, Charleston Magazine, Charleston Art Mag, Charleston City Paper, Trouve Magazine, Wild Sam guides, Out of The Blue (this is jetBlue's travel blog, it's a big deal, don't even try to pretend you're not jealous).