Antique 1860s Oil Portrait in Gilt Frame

Antique 1860s Oil Portrait in Gilt Frame


A massive antique circa 1860s oil portrait on board in an ornate guilt frame of a beautiful woman from an old Florida estate! This portrait is in excellent condition for its age, no damage to the painting itself, if you look very closely it's possible there are a couple very small touchups but it's difficult to tell because it's certainly not recent work if so. There is some crazing/crackling to the paint when you look very close, but no flaking or missing patches. The ornate frame has some cracking to the gesso decorations and some small bumps/chips but no large missing pieces or damage. It looks like there was once backing paper on the backside of the frame, that is now gone.

This piece is unsigned as far as I know, but I have not removed it from the frame for fear of damaging it, so there could be a signature hidden in one of the corners. The mid Victorian era clothing helps date it to around the 1860s give or take a decade. This is a beautiful, showstopping Victorian era portrait!

Measures approx 30" x 25" including frame

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