Antique 1760s 15k Sepia Portrait Mourning Ring

Antique 1760s 15k Sepia Portrait Mourning Ring


An absolutely stunning antique circa 1760s 15 karat gold mourning ring featuring a navette-shaped sepia portrait of a woman in mourning under glass.

This ring is in amazing condition for its age, there are small marks and signs of age/wear, but no damage to the glass and if there are any old repairs they were made by an expert and are not easily visible. The sepia portrait is light and faded which gives it an ethereal quality.

The gold has shined up beautifully, there are no makers or quality marks but a jeweler tested it as 15 karat gold or greater (pictured on my hand next to a tarnished 18 karat gold ring for comparison purposes).

Measures ever so slightly larger than size 7

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